Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stealth camping on Laraway Mountain- Nobo 230

This post is from September 24, 2016  The GPS data from today's hike is recorded in two parts as I got off trail midday to pickup my food drop in Jeffersonville.  They can be found at:


Made it over and off of the very steep Whiteface  Mountain this morning starting at 7:15. At first it was cold but as I descended it warmed and the trail got easier. I made it to my food drop at Rte 15  and bought sandwiches for lunch, did laundry and took a shower. This service was provided by the Nyes Green Valley BNB ( for a modest charge. I was back on the trail hiking north by 1:45. I made a total of 15 miles today.

This is a shot of me from Prospect rock just North of route 15 and the Lamoille River.

Another of that valley:

Here is my campsite tonight:

And this is how I eat supper:

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