Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mt. Belvedere summit - Nobo 247

This post is from September 25, 3016.  The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:

I made about 16.5 miles today some of the miles today were normal "AT" like mikes so I was able to take advantage of that. I am camped at about 3200 feet elevation tonight and it is supposed to be in the thirties in the valleys and could be much colder up here,I have just talked with Helen and when I get to the trail head in 13 miles which is 12 miles from Canada I am getting off for the night and meeting her at a nearby B&B. I hope to finish the trail on Tuesday with just a day pack on which will be a luxury.

These next two shots are from some of the terrain today:

Tonight's site was a last minute running out of light on top of a Mountain affair:

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