Thursday, July 28, 2016

Appalachian Gap - Nobo 162

This post is from July 27, 2016. The GPS tracking of this hike can be found at:

By the end of this 12 hour day I had actually maintained the schedule I had established at the beginning of this journey. I had reached the Appalachian gap and was able to hitchhike down to the town of Waitsfield Vermont where I had a reservation at the Hideaway Inn. That was the good news. The bad news was that for the third day in a row it was an enormous struggle for me to make my daily goal. This was probably a combination of lack of proper training, extreme heat and humidity, lack of available water, the pack being too heavy, and the terrain more difficult than I anticipated, and - in general, too aggressive a schedule in the first place. In any event, I really had difficulty making the miles yesterday and my right ankle begin to hurt after about 2 miles in the morning. It's quite stiff and sore right now so I have decided to give things a rest and come back to the trail and finish it later this year. Although I feel quite a bit better this morning (July 28) I am still sore and in particular my right ankle is sore so there is no way I should be heading into the woods right now and I made the right decision to find a way home today. I will do better preparation next time and I'm establish a more realistic schedule before I come back to finish the Long Trail. Here are some photos that I took away the high ridgeline that I followed much of today.

Summit of Mt. Abrams.  One of very few 4000 footers in VT.

Top of one of the many Sugarbush chairlifts I passed.

Looking southbound over the terrain I had passed today.

In real life I could see Lake Champlain in the upper left hand corner of this view.

Arriving at asphalt at Appalachian Gap - finally.  This was a grueling descent with iron rungs and ladders for a long way descending the cliff face off of Mad River Glen.  I was too tired and sore to be doing that after 12 hours straight of hiking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stealth camping - Nobo 145

This post is from July 26, 2016. . The GPS tracking of this hike can be found at:

Made a tough 21.5 miles today in difficult terrain with 13 hours of no break hiking. Am having trouble finding water. Most streams bone dry. I had to detour 1/4 miles each way off the trail to get water from a muddy pond at Sunset Shelter at mile 15 today. Body ok but sore. 

Here are some shots from today concluding with my stealth tent site that I am writing this post from right now.

This is the top of the Middlebury snow bowl.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sunrise Shelter - Nobo. 123

This post is from July 25, 2016. The GPS tracking of this hike can be found at:

Helen and I drove to Shelburne pass near Killington and arrived at 9:20am.  I said a quick goodbye and jumped right on the trail as I was worried about making my 19 miles to this shelter with the late start. The terrain was more difficult than I had expected and the heat and humidity took its toll but I pulled in here at 6:30 and set up my tent. I took no breaks and walked the 19 straight through. A father and son and their 2 dogs are the only other people here. In fact I saw no one at all after 11am until I got here. I am happy and comfortable in my little tent-home that I last slept on on 9/24/14 at the end of the AT. My body is tired and sore but everything seems to be working fine.